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Volim Valley isn’t just about music – it’s about expressing and enjoying ourselves in a united and loving manner.

That means providing a space for artists of varied forms to showcase their art.

That’s what  ARTfromtheHEART is about.

We have selected some talented, passionate up-and-coming visual artists from the Kelowna area to showcase what Love and Unity mean’s to them, in their own unique style.

The creative mind behind this year’s gallery is Janelle Norman, (owner of Rarebreed Artworks) an abstract artist currently based out of Kelowna.

Inspired by the tornado of feelings that occur during personal growth, Janelle aims to curate a memorable showcase of emotionally charged art for everyone to experience at Volim Valley.

This self-taught Canadian artist was born in Edmonton Alberta on May 16, 1991, as Paul Vincent Moran. Paul spent a large part of his childhood attending a Christian school and church related events. He fell in love with music and learned guitar as a youth, playing in touring bands after finishing high school.

By the age of 22, he moved to Kelowna, finding himself spiritually awakened with a deeper love for life and art. He found a new sense of self, unhinged from the social constructs of his childhood and began creating art as Apollo Agua.  Apollo’s art is inspired by yoga and spirituality, focusing on connecting and healing the mind, body, and spirit. Apollo’s art can be found on Instagram and Facebook @lifeisillucid.


My name is Ben Woodloft. I work with acrylic paint along with acrylic paint pens using a compass and ruler on wood panels. I started drawing roughly about 4 years ago after a significant change occurred in my life.  I would say that drawing found me. I base most of my drawings off of the Metatron’s cube making my art sacred geometry. I’ve been experimenting more with Asymmetrical additions trying to balance out a flow. Drawing allows me to rest in my head, to recharge my soul and to express to others the way I feel.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Hayley studied fine art at the OCAD in Toronto. The culturally rich metropolis, although inexhaustibly energetic, left a void in her style. She migrated west lured first by the ocean to Tofino, B.C. and later by the mountains to Golden. In these flourishing landscapes, Hayley developed a voice synchronized to the natural aesthetics of the world. Continuously exploring new processes, techniques, and mediums, she aims not only for her work to be aesthetically pleasing but also to draw attention to the beautiful details of life that are sometimes overlooked. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Hayley works part time in the theatrical industry as a scenic painter, as well as pursuing her own artistic career.


My work deals with exploring the human experience, both physical and emotional. Sometimes the paintings evolve over a period of days or months, allowing the painting to become its own identity, a life of its own, dictating what it needs and my job is to reveal it. A constant transition between control and surrender painting from emotion and intuitive impulse. I use imagery (real -ism and abstract) combined with vibrant color, size, and texture to create energy, depth, and movement. What the paintings reveal is different and personal for everyone. You don’t explain what a sunset means… it just is. But how it makes you feel is the key.

Showing and selling my art in Vancouver and throughout the Okanagan region since 2006, I now reside in Kelowna, BC, where my perceptions and my willingness to surrender continue to add passion and creativity in my work.


Christian Dennis is a Kamloops artist who, in 2014, while traveling through South America, rediscovered his childhood passion of creating art. Inspired most when immersing himself in nature, especially in the mountains, and traveling and experiencing other cultures, Christian’s art aims to represent the infinite connections we experience on a daily basis, both physical and spiritual. You can find all of Christian’s art on his Instagram page @christian.dennis.

Ashley Renee (Vernon, BC) realized her love for art at an early age and has continuously pursued the arts. Now specializing in various mediums; Painting, drawing, sculpture and illustration tattoos. All of her designs are vibrant with high contrast, stuck between surrealism and realism. On the side, Ashley also is a talented tattoo artist, who has been tattooing since 2013.

“There is nothing else like combining nature, illustration and permanence to a client’s skin.”

Ashley’s passion is in live painting where everyone can experience the journey of color coming together. She uses nature as inspiration and loves to paint her imagination of the world as she sees around her. Living in the Okanagan is a constant catalyst for inspiration for her art and lifestyle. Her childhood influences include Bernini, Pablo Picasso, Robbo & Claude Monet.

Surrealistic and enigmatic, her art is something to be experienced as every piece tells a story of its own. To see all of her work and keep up to date visit her Facebook page:

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