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Live Lodge

Music festivals are stereotypically loud events with lots of commotion and action. However, the organizers at Volim Valley understand how important it is to offer a place to escape it all. If you are in need of a retreat from the loud music, or are simply looking for a relaxed area to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, look no further than the Live Lodge. Here we will be playing mellow and laid back music, and serving food in a casually seated atmosphere. All guests are welcome to the Live Lodge from 7:00AM until 10:00PM.

Live Lodge

We will be closing the Live Lodge from 10:00 PM until 11:00 PM so everyone can unite together for the final performances of the festival. In that time we will transform it from Live Lodge area to the official after party location. At this point only guests with an official after party wrist band will be able to enter.

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