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Volim Valley Music Festival
September 9 - 10 2017



WildPlays weekend deals for Volim Valley guests.

Save $10 on a 40ft What’s To Fear Jump.

An unnerving plunge from 40ft.

That little perch high above the ground – that’s where you’re going. Up that rope ladder and onto the platform, you’re tethered to a jump line and then things get real simple. You go over the edge. Step forward or backward, it doesn’t matter. Either way gravity wins.

Save $20 on a Primal Swing. Just $49.99!

A giant swoop from terrifying height.

Pump your little legs all you want, but it won’t help slow down this fast thrill ride. You’ll fling over 100ft, into super-long arcs that slice through a scenic Okanagan abyss. Don’t bother styling your hair before this one.

Book a visit at, or walk-in, during September 9 to September 10to claim these deals!

Note: The only substance allowed at our Parks is natural adrenaline. To play, you must not be under the influence of any substances. Element access requirements and Park rules apply. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts.


Little platforms way, way above your head. Dozens of ziplines whizzing everywhere. A gravity-powered jump that makes your palms sweat. More suspended ladders, bridges, nets, and obstacle games than you can count. The swing so giant and fast that it makes your vision blur. Some call it crazy, or thrilling – kinda terrifying, or surprisingly intense. We call it WildPlay.

When life feels boring, too cozy, or is just missing something, it’s a signal to push at the edges of your comfort zone. Imagine what a little nudge (or a big ‘ol leap) into a new aerial adventure will bring. Fun? Challenge? Adrenaline? At WildPlay, that’s only the beginning. Let your fear out to play.


5983 Highway 33, Kelowna

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