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Here at Free Flow Entertainment, we realize that the media is a powerful driving force behind the movement of ideas. We also realize that media plays a huge roll in the success of an event.

Volim Valley Music Festival is seeking out various types of media coverage to take place prior, during, and after the event, that will be responsible for:

  • Providing the public with an exciting image of what to expect at the festival,
  • Providing coverage of sets, news and activities,
  • Encouraging our festival goers to adopt a philosophy of respect and love before coming out.

We want this event to be much more than just a typical music festival. We are hoping for this to be a positive, transformative experience for all festival goers. The message we send out to the public about our festival beforehand will really help accomplish this goal.

If you want to be a part of the media action for this upcoming festival, please send your inquiry to:

We will only send you love, no spam or annoying messages here.