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Festivals can become successful largely due to the volunteers behind the scenes. Every small task done is another step towards the bigger picture of creating a positive atmosphere.

If you are interested in donating some time to helping create Volim Valley, please apply below – we would love to have you!

There are a few things we expect  from you but there are some perks in return!

To be a volunteer is easy – work a day, get a free day! Once your hours are completed you will have full access to the festival and all other amenities (Wildplay not included).  There will be a shuttle to and from Kelowna on both days of the festival.  Volunteer parking is provided if you wish to drive, but please follow our do’s and don’t’s section once you are enjoying the festival.

Some other perks to being a part of Volim Valley are:

  • One free meal per day!
  • Volunteer tee shirt!
  • Being behind the scenes and a part of the action!
  • Special staff and volunteer party one week following the festival!  This includes a meal, a free drink and a good party with everyone else who participated.


There are a variety of volunteer positions available.  Some of those positions are:

  • Set-up and teardown crew
  • Clean-up crew
  • Bartenders (Serving it Right required)
  • Main gate attendants
  • Token kiosk
  • Flag person
  • Parking coordinator
  • Security (please contact before applying for security)
  • Back support
  • Night watch (please dress warm for night shift)

Still sound good? Click the button below, fill out the form, and let’s build some love together!


Must be 19+ to be a volunteer.

We will only send you love, no spam or annoying messages here.