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Camping rules

We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and comfortable experience at Camp Volim. We have come up with a set of guidelines for everyone to follow so that we can continue to have this event year after year.

No Trace

One of the biggest things we care about at Volim Valley is leaving the beautiful nature the exact way it was before we got there. It has become common amongst festivals to see hoards of garbage left all over the grounds after the fun has ended, we strive to keep Volim Valley out of this stereotype.

There will be plenty of garbage and recycle bins around and we strongly encourage our guests to use them. Cup deposits will be in place to help keep that grass green and give a good incentive for holding onto it.

We will be providing free cigarette butt disposal containers to anyone who wishes to smoke, these containers can then be disposed of themselves once you’re finished with them. We live in a very beautiful country so let’s try our best to keep it that way so we can continue to have events in the future.

Respect the land

Heartland has be kind enough to allow us to use their beautiful land for our festival, let’s show how much we appreciate it by respecting everything and anything about it. Please don’t go wandering around and crossing the fenced areas or break or tamper with anything, this also includes Wild Play’s property as well.

Everyone wants to enjoy their time at the festival and leave with fond memories. Together we can do this by loving and respecting each other. This includes all our staff and security people as well.¬†Treat as you would like to be treated and we’ll all have an awesome time!

We know rules can be a bummer, but we only ask these few things of our guests. Again this is to ensure the safety and comfort for everyone.

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