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Our Mission

Different. In a good way.

Over the past four years, a few colleagues and I have spent our summer’s in Europe taking in European culture, specifically music culture. Attending every festival and event we could within our budget, we collectively fell in love with the atmosphere and mentality surrounding us every step of the way. With each successive year it seemed the same question kept coming up; “why do we have to travel all this way to experience this?”. That’s when the obvious answer dawned upon me – maybe we don’t.


The dream is to bring our European festival experience back to Canada in hopes of exposing people to what the music world has to offer and all the love and energy that surrounds it. Situated on an amazing location overlooking the beautiful okanagan valley.

In doing so we would attract local vendors, artists, and companies to the Okanagan, boosting tourism, culture, and experience of a vastly different feel of festival. With the focus on customer amenities , experiences and environment.  It’s a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved; local food vendors can express their flavours to a large scale crowd, artists can express their music to the masses, and an overall tourism increase. Additionally, it showcases our beautiful valley on a grander stage, especially to tourists looking for the same experience as back home whilst traveling abroad.

What’s missing is you. As a vendor, artist, company, volunteer, community member, or general supporter, you’re the people that will bring this festival to fruition. We would love to have you join us in our journey to see this become a reality.



Drew Schulz

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